posted 28 Jun 2011

We shall be MC’ing and performing LIVE at the official “An Audience With The Midnight Phil Eoin Callers And Friends” Show case! Crawdaddy, Dublin, July 9th, free entry before midnight. We will be performing with Nostril Shorts, Paul Gogarty and a very special guest!

Check out the Facebook Event!


posted 07 May 2011

We play our first ever gig, LIVE IN 3D and HD!

DOLCE-MERDA presents ‘Midnight At the Mezz w/ The Midnight Phil Eoin Callers’

Saturday, May 28 at 11:00pm

The Twisted Pepper
Middle Abbey Street
Dublin, Ireland

Check out the Facebook Event HERE!

If you want to get in CHEAP CLICK HERE!

Fuji Television Interview

posted 03 May 2011

Check out our latest interview for Fuji Television in Japan. Keep your eyes peeled for the dancing boy.

The Secret Gig You Already Missed

posted 09 Apr 2011

Sorry we forgot to tell you earlier.

The Show To End All Perceptions Of What You Thought A Gig Was

posted 07 Apr 2011

A very important announcement coming soon regarding our first live show. EYES PEELED AND EARS BLEEDING!

Page 2 News In The Carlow People

posted 05 Apr 2011

Download a higher res pdf from here !

Grazie tanto Dolce Merda!

posted 05 Apr 2011

Thank you Dolce Merda for your article, and your ‘Big Ups!’ Read the schoop here.

What the shit happened last night?

posted 04 Apr 2011

We just want to extend a huge Phil Eoin thank you to all the mothers who downloaded our debut album yesterday. We are especially proud that you guys stayed up with us online partying at your official Phil Eoin Launch Party. There were some great moments, we truly admire your dedication and can’t wait until the launch of album number too. Hugs and Kisses, phileoin. xo xo xo


posted 02 Apr 2011

Happy Mothers Day People!!! Hit the music section for your free copy of PHILEOINTHROPY!


posted 02 Apr 2011

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